Abhinash Pradhan’s Sambalpuri Weavers, To Premiere At TSAFF On 14th October

Abhinash Pradhan’s documentary film “Sambalpuri Weavers“, to premiere at Tasveer South Asian Film Festival (TSAFF) on 14th October.

Tickets are available online.

Excited about the premiere at TSAFF, director Abhinash  said: “I’m extremely happy that our team efforts on this documentary film has been selected for the prestigious film festival”.

“Through this film we have tried to show the weavers hard work behind the beautiful output. All are looking forward and enjoying the beauty of hand-loom but no one is thinking about the weavers. So we hope our film will bring light in their lives,” creative coordinator Debasish said.

documentary film Sambalpuri Weavers

Sambalpuri Weavers Ticket..

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