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The Audio of Forthcoming Odia Movie “Nijhum Ratira Sathi” Launched

Audio Event NRS

The audio of Sanjay Nayak‘s forthcoming Odia movie “Nijhum Ratira Sathi” was launched on Sunday, December 25. The makers have organised an event at Panthanibas, Bhubaneswar.

Chandan Kar, Tamanna Vyas, Jyoti, Arun Mantri, Santosh Kumar Singh and other team members of the movie were presented on the event.

Popular music director Malay Mishra has direct the music while lyricist Arun Mantri has penned downThe album is having five beautiful songs with the situational tracks. Ira Mohanty, Human Sagar, Malay Mishra and Sanju like popular Ollywood singers have lent their voice.

Story Line:

This is a love story of a tribal village guy(Jyoti). Who is falling in love with a girl (Tamanna), came for her project work. Audience will enjoy the on screen romance of Jyoti and Tamanna and an action and suspense thriller story. 

Audio Event NRS


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