Mahendra Das – VikuSet || Special Interview || Jatra Duniya || Kalinga Gananatya
Mahendra Das who is popularly known as by his stage name Vikuset, is such a wonderful performer and a talented artist in Kalinga Gananatya. Here is the  special interview video of Vikuset, about his experience, opinion about Jatra. Also watch interview of Daitari Panda and get more update about Jatra. Read more
Daitari Panda – Maichia Gokhei Sahoo || Special Interview || Jatra Duniya ||
Daitari Panda a popular theater artist is playing the role of a transgender Gokhei Sahoo for a story at Khandagiri mela. Jatra or opera is a kind of popular theater performance in Odisha. The performance includes live play, music and dance. Theater performance in Odisha were based on stories of Mahabharata and... Read more
The Best Of Ollywood Film Industries  In The Year 2016
The Odia film industry went through a series of cyclical ups and downs in 2016 with its fortunes soaring at times and plummeting at others. Out of the 33 films, most of the big Ollywood releases of the year are weighed in terms of their net box office collections.... Read more