Emiti Bi Heipare Will Create A Unique Credit – Rabi Narayan Das

Emiti Bi Heipare

Director – Rajeeb Mohanty

Producer – Rabi Narayan Das

Music – Baidanath Das

Story – Chinmayee Mohanty

Lyricist – Bapu Goswami

Emiti Bi Heipare is a different kind of story, full of romance, tragedy, suspense and many more things justifying Odisha’s culture & traditions.

New comer Sashikant and Rupali are leading in this movie. Director Rajeeb Mohanty, producer Rabi Narayan Das, Music director Baidyanath Das along with their production team giving their best efforts to prepare a master piece. Emiti Bi Heipare post production work is going on a full sewing and coming to hit the theater very soon.

According to Producer Rabi Narayan Das, “this movie will create a unique credit in the Ollywood Industry with all the new faces”.

Now enjoy the editing time video of this movie.

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