Manoj Mishra – Aways Wants To Do Different Characters

Manoj Mishra

Biography Of Manoj Mishra:

Actor Manoj Mishra, the name itself saying a lot. The passion and eagerness for work makes him successful in Ollywood industry.He is popularly known for his negative roles. With this negative role he will again show his acting magic in the new upcoming project “Premara Nisha Niara Niara”.

In Premara Nisha Niara Niara, he is playing the role of a drugs smuggler with character name Jahar. Through drugs he is destroying college students life. What will happen with Jahar? Will he be successful in his intention and many more questions are coming to mind. But all will get it’s answer after releasing this movie.

Manoj is very excited and hopeful about this project as he always wants to do different characters since it polishes one’s acting skills” said by him.

Life and Career:

He has entered into Ollywood world through “Suna Sankhali”  then seen in many odia movies like Mun Raja Tu Rani, Ashok Samrat, Sapanara Nayika, Bhaunri, Chanda Na Tame Tara, Kebe tame Nahan Kebe Mun Nahin, Tumaku Paruni Ta Bhuli, Agastya and many more.

Besides Ollywood Manoj also active in Bollywood, Tamil, South and Kannada industry. Manoj Mishra did acting course from NSD New Delhi and also from FTII Pune.

Awards and Achievements:

He got Orissa state film award for best supporting actor .His oriya film “The Living Ghost” got national award for best enviornmental film in which he was the lead.. Behenein was his first daily soap for which he was nominated in Star Pariwar Award for naya strong sadasya of the pariwar. He did a small but an important character in mani ratnams ravan. 

Manoj Mishra

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