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“Premara Nisha Niara Niara” Odia Movie Going To Release On 9th December

Premara NIsha Niara Niara

Ollywood actress Zeena Samal in the opposite of new comer Subham Naik will come up with a new character in her upcoming Odia movie “Premara Nisha Niara Niara”. This is all about an action based romantic flick. Zeena and Subham will show their acting chops in the film.

The shooting and post production of the film had been completed, would be released soon on 9th December.

The film is directed by Saroj Kant and made under the banner of A Weicons Motion Picture presents, produced by Bharati Naik. This movie is the first venture of this production house. Hopefully audience will appreciate for its unique story line. The music of the film is composed by Soumitri and Sailendra. The dialogues is penned by Manoranjan Das.

Manoj Mishra and George Tiadi also going to showcase their exceptional acting skills which was already displayed in several films.

Premara NIsha Niara Niara

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