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Suna Pila Tike Screw Dhila

Upcoming Odia movie “Suna Pila Tike Screw Dhila” is based on four friends. They are Babushan, Pintu Nanda, Papu Pam Pam and Pragyan Khatua. Sheetal is leading opposite of Babushan in this movie.

Including them Uttam Mohanty, Aparajita and others are in supportive role.

This is a different type of love story and full comedy package. You will be shocked, enjoy & laugh through out the cinema.

Sudhakar Basant is the director and Babushan productions this movie is first venture. Abhijit Majumdar is the music director and Nirmal Nayak is lyricist of this movie.

Now enjoy this shooting time video of “Suna Pila Tike Screw Dhila”


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