7th Pay Commission – Higher Pay Scale For Odisha Govt Employees By Sept

Odisha government is likely to implement the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission for its employees and pensioners by September month.

Odisha Finance Minister Sashi Bhusan Behera has hinted that the government is planning to roll out the new pay scale soon.

“We have received the report from the fitment committee and the government is considering to implement the new pay scale for the employees soon,” said Behera.

State government employees are hopeful of the government implementing the revised pay scales ahead of Durga puja.

“It’s high time since Duserra and Diwali are in the offing we will certainly expect the government to implement the new pay scales before the festive season,” said Krushna Prasad Mohapatra, an employee of the State government.

Notably, the State government in its budget this year has made a provision of Rs 47,466 crore towards administrative expenditure, out of which Rs 22,000 crore has been provisioned for payment of salaries to employees and Rs 11,313 crore towards payment of pension.

Implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendations would benefit about 4 lakh employees and about 3 lakh pensioners.

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