Aama College Aama Campus Aame Hebu Star – Hunt Show

Trace in New Face Of Odisha, Nayak Production’s reality show Aama College Aama Campus Aame Hebu Star, that aims to provide an opportunity to Odia Boys and Girls across the state to join the Ollywood (Odia Album and Serial industry) directly.









Aama College Aama Campus Aame Hebu Star (Our College Our Campus We Became Star), recently starts its First Audition at Simulia College, Markona, Bhadrak.

This the first Actor hunt show in Odisha which is focusing on College Students to find their participants for the Show. The Hunt show mentors Lipi (Tv Serial Sankha Sindura’s Lead Character), Priyanka (Plays Sabyasachi’s Sister role in Pilata Bigidigala), Jaggu Bhai (Actor in Sahanai Tv Serial) plays very good role at the event.

Our Team also visited to Simulia College with all setup and interacts with the college students about their hobbies, interests and why they are interested to entry Ollywood Industry. wer./

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