“Aunty Namaskar” A New Odia Movie Will Have Different Kind Of Story

Aunty Namaskar a new Odia movie is in the way of making where Ollywood actor Shritam Das and Zeena Samal in the lead role would be seen romancing.

This will have other star casts like  Shritam, Zeena SamalMihir Das, Jurdge Tiadi, Suman, Rabi Mishra and Minaketan.

Ollywood film industy is trying to make something different with this movie, which is having a mixed story of love, romance, comedy, tragedy and full of entertainment package”, said Ollywood director Niranjan Behera.

After a long time gap audience will certainly enjoy Ollywood star Shritam Das’s comic timing with different and challenging character. He will be seen playing both male and female characters in this movie.

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