Bringing Glory For The State 4 Odias Have Won The 64th National Film Awards

Bringing glory for the State yet again, 4 Odias have made it to the list of National Film Awards awardee list this year. The awards across categories for 64th edition of the National Film Awards was announced on Friday (7th April 2017).

Four Odias – Nila Madhab Panda, Lipika Singh Darai, Sankhajeet De and Shibu Prusty brought glory for the State.

Director Nila Madhab Panda’s Hindi movie ‘Kadvi Hawa’ got the acclamation and won Special Mention Award for portraying the climate change issue beautifully. Panda’s film brings stories from drought-prone Bundelkhand region and vanishing villages from coastal Odisha.

“I am very much excited and happy. Through the film I had tried to put forward an issue that is gripping the world slowly and this recognition will help the message to reach out to more people,” said Mr. Panda.

Lipika Singh’s movie showcasing a burning topic, water crisis, was conferred with the Best Educational Film award. The movie titled “The Waterfall” features people’s fight to preserve a gradually drying up waterfall. The 20-minute-long English film has been adjudged as the Best Educational Film. Shot in and around Khandadhar waterfall, Lipika’s film traces the evolution of a young city boy to appreciate the value of environment as well as think critically about climate change and development.

“In The Shadow of Time” is a 90 minute long film on shadow puppetry. Sankhajeet De has directed it while Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts has produced this flick. The film is about the shadow puppetry and puppeteers in Odisha. Lipika Singh Darai also has conscripted this film.

Best Educational Film award was shared by another Odia – Shibu Prusty with his movie “The Lord of the Universe” based on Shree Jagannath culture.

The other movie which was awarded under the Best Arts/Cultural film category and went to an Odia was based on puppetry. It was “In the Shadow of Times”, directed by Sankhajeet De.


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