Deepak Tripathy, A Well Known Comedian And Actor Of Ollywood

Deepak Tripathy is a comedian and actor best known for comedic and dramatic roles.  He has appeared in several stage shows, web series and one recent released movie Emiti Bi Heipare.

Personal Profile:

Name : Deepak Tripathy
Date of Birth : December 16, 1996
Birth place : Jajpur, Odisha
Occupation : Actor
Status : UnMarried
Parents : Mr. Debabrata Tripathy, Mrs. Anupama Tripathy
Brother : Soumya Tripathy

Early Life & Career:

Deepak Tripathy was born on  December 16, 1996 in Jajpur Dist. He is the son of Mr. Debabrata Tripathy is a teacher and Mrs. Anupama Tripathy is a housewife. He completed his education at his native place, schooling from Rani Maa High School, Inter from Brahmabarada College and graduation from Chitalo Degree College.

In the year 2012, Deepak has started his acting career. From that day on wards, he was subsequently noted for his performances in Mr. Gulua and Don’t Worry web series of Enewsodia. He was also seen in Sarthak TV show Gruhalaxmi, Standup comedy in Wheels Tarang Tv and events, stage shows continuing from 2011 to till date. Sastha Ru Nasta is a short movie of him.

He came to fame when he got a scope in the web channel Enewsodia. Now he is working with Enewsodia with comedy series Mr. Gulua and Don’t Worry.

“No one knows about Deepak Tripathy but A big thanks to Enewsodia, for giving me such a wonderful platform to show my talents”, said Deepak.

“I got inspired by Dr. Deepak Jena, a writer from Odia film industry and my Idol is Odia actor Papu Pam Pam. Thanks to Director Rajeeb Mohanty for giving me a chance to act in movie Emiti Bi Heipare”, said the Actor.

Awards And Achievements:

Deepak also achieved many awards for his outstanding work.

Banki Mahoschav Award – Best Stage Comedy Performance

Jajpur Jilla Mahoschav Award – Best Comedy Show

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