Dheere Dheere Odia Music Video 100K Celebration

Dheere Dheere a new Odia music video is creating waves among Odia music lovers. The video was posted on Youtube on 21st May and already crossed 100K. Actor Ashwini and Ankitaa have come together in this romantic video.

Maa cine production presents the music by Sudeep Prabhu and Humane Sagar sang the song. The direction by Ajay Padhi and producer Mitu Sahu. Nevertheless, Ashwini and Ankitaa’s chemistry and the entire song as a package make for a wonderful watch.

Here you can enjoy the HD video and listen what director Ajay Padhi is saying about. He is appeciating all comments, views and planning to give more new and good videos to the Odia album lovers.

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