Grand Audio Release Of Odia Movie “Mun Khanti Odia Jhia”

The Grand Audio of new Odia movie Mun Khanti Odia Jhia was released at Bhanjakala Mandap, Bhubaneswar on 30th July.

Direction, story and screenplay by Abatar Singh. In this women-centric movie, Elina will have a promising character. Other star casts of the movie includes Sidhant Mohapatra, Ranveer Papu Pom Pom, Manoj Pattanaik, Jiban Panda, Salil Mitra and others.

Avtar Singh Bhuji said, “I have tried to Creat a full Odia flavored movie for our audience. If I succeed, then we as film-makers shall understand that this is what our audience wants to see as content. Nowadays whichever films are made are mostly influenced from South, I wanted a movie which shall get its core essence from Odia culture and day to day activities of Odia houses. Here the lined was created which was developed into MKOJ.”

“Script is very strong and an Original story. It is a heroine oriented movie and I’m much happy and feeling lucky to be a part of this Project. Hopefully all will see our effort for the movie and enjoy the concept”, said the beautiful actress Elina.

“I was very much comfortable in time of shooting. All actors are very senior and they made me comfortable through out the shoot. All are very co-operative, so I never feel it is my first movie”, said by Ranveer.

Baidyanatha Das, Gopal Das and Manas Kumar equally putted their effort to make a good music for this movie . All songs are situational wise fixed in the movie. Music is written by Nirmal Nayak.

Papu Pam Pam’s character is something different in this movie. He is coming with 7 different characters.

Story Line:

The story is of a poor village school teacher’s daughter her struggle in life. Plots are of real Odia family background. The protagonist’s father tries to save his daughter from the torture of her step-mother, for which he gets her from village to Bhubaneswar to his best student’s house. Here also the same peculiar family story is repeated. But the heroine absorbs all pain and proves her patience. The drama went through ups and downs with tears and laughs in the pure Odia family culture and tradition.

Song Male Singer Female Singer Lyricist Music Director
Mun Khanti Odia Jhia (Title Track) NA Aseema Panda Dr Nirmal Nayak Baidyanath Dash
Dil Jaaniya Human Sagar Tapu Mishra Bapu Goswami Baidyanath Dash
Facebook Papu Pam Pam, Tarik Aziz Bapu Goswami Baidyanath Dash
Aie Jibana re Sricharan Mohanty Sailabhama Mohapatra Urmila Mohanty Gopal Biswal
Halu Halu Papu Pam Pam Sanju Mohanty Sushant Sahoo Manas Kumar

Grand Audio Release Video Of Mun Khanti Odia Jhia:

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