Jyoti and Malbika Sharing Screen Space With Mahasweta Ray

Story Line of Dele Dhra Katha Sare:

Dele Dhara Katha Sare” coming to hit the theater soon on 11th Nov with an interesting storyline. Anil Choudhury (Bobby Mishra) is the wayward son of Chitrangada (Mahasweta Roy). Maheswata one of the versatile actresses in Oriya filmdom, will be seen potraying the role of an unbiased mother in this movie. After some days Chitrangada finally stops giving money to Anil after getting irritate on his nature.

Then Anil convinces Chitrangada to marry with Maya (Malobika Banerjee), a highly qualified girl. The two women Maya and Chitrangada develop an emotional bonding between them. Meanwhile, Maya falls in love with a highly qualified village boy named Mohan (Jyoti Ranjan). Chitrangada came to know about Maya’s feelings and gifted all her properties to her and marriage took place.

The plot will flow with which type of twists after their marriage and what will happen with Chitrangada, Maya, Anil and Mohan, to know more about need to wait till the movie release date. .

Cast and Crew:

With Jyoti and Malbika in the lead roles, “Dele Dhara Katha Sare” has Ajit Das, Minaketan and Bobby Mishra sharing screen space with Mahasweta Ray.

Music of the film has been scored by Prashant Padhi to the lyrics of Basant Raj Samal, Bapu Goswami and Arun Mantri. Story, screenplay and dialogues have been penned by Rajaniranjan while P Ranjan Patro is the art director. Abhiram Mishra is the director of photography. The shooting and post production work is over and the flick is totally ready for 11th of Nov.

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