Karan Is All Set To Make His Ollywood Debut “Shakti” With Suryamayee

The talented new comer Karan  Sahoo is all set to make his Ollywood debut with the beautiful Suryamayee in his upcoming movie “Shakti“.

The good looking hero is ready to rock the big screens with his appearances.

Sudhakar Vasant is the director and Abhijit Majumdar is the music composer.

This is the home production of Karan and the 1st venture under the banner of Snehalatafilmcrafts.

Action and romantic packed this movie will have stars like Mihir Das, Papu Pam Pam, Uttam Mohanty, Pintu Nanda and Pratibha Panda.

Before this film Karan also tried his luck in a movie named Mana Kahe Love U Love U. Pheriaa Mo Suna Bhauni movie director Ranjit Mohanty was directing Mana Kahe Love U Love U with producer Nirakara Sahoo.

But because of some issue the movie was stopped. So Shakti is Karan’s 2nd movie in Ollywood industry. Hopefully this will work good and secure Karan in the Odia cinema industry.

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