Know The Reason Of The Fight Between Kapil Sharma And His co-star Sunil Grover

Earlier this year, it was reported that Comedian-actor Kapil Sharma had a fight with his Show co-star  Sunil Grover.

At the trailer launch of Kapil Sharma’s upcoming film Firangi, Kapil has finally opened up on the alleged, infamous spat with Sunil Grover and claimed there was actually no fight between the two. Also said, Sunil is one of the best actor he loves to work with him.

Speaking at the trailer launch of his upcoming film, Firangi, Kapil said on Tuesday, “I never had an argument with Sunil. Since reaching Australia, my mood was very bad as an artiste passed away from our film Firangi and I became so nervous and negative. When the show was starting there in Australia, we were only two people. I wanted to cancel the show because I just couldn’t take so much pressure. Then the fight was between Chandan Prabhakar (another comedian from the team of his show) and a lady, made me more depress. I abused Chandan and so did he. Sunil got angry because I shouted at someone in the flight. It was all my fault as I could not handle myself properly”.

“Sunil and I know each other from the last nine years, and have worked together from the last five years. I don’t have any complaints for Sunil, he is a great performer, and a greater friend,” he added.

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