“Mun Khanti Odia Jhia” Elina Samantray

Elina Samatray‘s upcoming Odia cinema is “Mun Khanti Odia Jhia”. In this movie she will play the role of a pure Odia girl. This is also a romantic comedy movie like her previous super-hit movie Love Station opposite of Babushan Mohanty. The most popular Ollywood director Abatar Singh is going to direct this movie.

A Bit About Elina:

Elina is a well known actress, who entered in to the Ollywood industry and became fame through the reality Show “Kia Heba Mo Heroine- Season 1” and then Odia Movie Ishq Tu Hi Tu Opposite of Ollywood megastar Arindam Roy.

Then she appeared in many movies includs Jaga Hatare Pagha, Kehi Nuhen Kahara, Love You Hamesha , Love Station and Jhia Ta Bigidi Gala etc.

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