“Mun Khanti Odia Jhia” Odia Movie Mahurat HD Video

Mun Khanti Odia Jhia Odia movie is coming with more expectations and an interesting story line, in which Elina, Ranveer, Sidhant and Papu Pam Pam will be in lead role.

Popu Pam Pam will entertain audience with his comedy punch.

Avtar Singh with his whole team like producer Rajendra Singh, Music director Baidyanath Sahoo, Gopal Das, Manas Kumar, and other members of this movie are trying their best to bring a different movie to the Odia industry.

It’s a love story between a poor girl(Elina) and a rich guy(Ranveer). Ranveer is very excited for his debut movie and looking forward for the best result.

Renowned Ollywood actor Sidhant Mohapatra also feeling happy that he is working with experienced director Avtar Singh and other junior and senior artists. It is a catchy titled movie with family drama, love, romance and comedy.

It is a little try to bring Odia culture through this movie. I’m much excited for my character and wishing that audience will accept me with Ranveer. Our chemestry will entertain audience the most.” said the actress Elina.

Watch and enjoy the Mahurat HD video of Mun Khanti Odia Jhia.

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