Ollywood Baddy Samaresh Routray Biography & Career

Samaresh Routray.

Personal Details:

Full Name – Samaresh Routray
– Male
Occupation – Actor
Date of Birth – 3rd July 1980
Place of Birth – Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Film Career – 2002 – Present
Marital Status – Married

Spouse – Premlatha Sahoo

Father – Late Alekha Prasad Routray
Mother – Laxmipriya Routray

Occupation – Actor, Producer

Samaresh Routray.

Biography Of Samaresh Routray:

Samaresh Routray is at a time a film actor, producer and television star. He born on 3rd July 1980 to parents Late Alekha Prasad Routray & Laxmipriya Routray, his family hails from Sipura, a beautiful coastal village in Kendrapara, Orissa.


He completed his schooling from Saheed Nagar High School & his formal education from Utkal Sangeet Mahavidyala, Bhubaneswar & then joined the National School of Drama, New Delhi. He is the third actor after Ajit Das & Bijay Mohanty in Ollywood to have passed out from legendary National School of Drama. He has an MBA in HR and Marketing.

Acting Journey:

Samaresh has portrayed the role of Yashpal with a Hindi feature film 23rd March 1931: Shaheed in 2002 and started his acting career. He made his debut in Odia film industry with Mo Suna Pua in 2006. Then he did most popular odia movie Dhauli Express as a lead opposite of Anu Choudhury which got Odisha State Film Award for Best Film.

Krantidhara is one of his best films opposite of Gargi Mohanty. Which has been nominated for two major film festivals – the 12th Chennai International Film Festival and the 7th Bengaluru International Film Festival (IFF).

After that he has performed under eminent directors as the lead character in more than 30 Odia films and many television shows. He had been awarded as the best actor in negative role for many of his acted movies. He is mostly known as the Ollywood baddy.

From the odia film Mukhyamantri he started acting in negative roles, which continued in Sanju Sanjana, Most Wanted, Loafer, Nai Separi Kanaka Gori, Luchakali, Love Master, Katak The silvercity, Diwana, and many more.

Along with films he is also doing oriya serials, tv shows and he is the director of Odiaone, an Odia music company also engaged in film production.


2016 – Sweetheart, Hello,

2015 – Kehi Nuhen Kahara, Ishq Tu Hi Tu

2014 – Krantidhara, Haribol Nuhen Tanka Bol, Akhire Akhire

2013 – Hari Om Hari, Nai Separi Kanaka Gori, Mu Aashiq Mu Awara

2012 – Love Master, Luchakali, Thukul

2011 – Aain Kanoon, Mane Rahiba E Prema Kahani, Katak, Criminal, Chocolate, 143 I Love You, Most Wanted, E Mana Khoje Mana Tie, Loafer

2010 – Diwana, Prema Adhei Akshyara, Bhul Bujhibani Mate, Sanju Aau Sanjana

2009 – Mukhyamantari,

2007 – Dhauli Express , Mo Suna Pua

2002 – 23rd March 1931: Shaheed (Hindi)

Television Shows:

Sanskaar – Etv Odia

Uttardai – Odisha tv

Devi – Taranga tv

Basundhara – DD Odia

Khara Bharsa ra Khela – DD Odia

Mu Cinema – Taranga tv

True Story – MBC tv

Satya Aprad – Odisha tv

Awards and Achievents:


  • 7th Tarang Cine Awards – Best Actor In Negative Role “Ishq Tu Hi Tu” Movie.

2011 – 2012

  • 3rd Tarang Cine Awards – Best Actor in A Negative Role “Loafer” Movie
  • Instant News Entertainment- for Most Wanted Movie
  • 6th Showtime Award – for Most Wanted
  • Lalchand Entertainment Award- Favourite Actor in Negative Role
  • Chalachitra Jagat- for Best actor in Negative role Most Wanted Movie.

2009 – 2010

  • 4th Showtime Oriya Film & TV awards – Best Actor in a Negative role for Sanskaar.
  • 2nd Vysya Oriya Film & TV awards – Best Actor in a Negative role for Sanskaar.
  • Gurukul Awards – Best Actor in a Negative role for Sanskaar.

2008 – 2009

  • Amit Awards – Best Actor in a Negative role for Sanskar.
  • AB Visual TV Awards – Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Uttardai.

2007 – 2008

  • Banichitra Award – Special Award for contribution to Oriya television & film Industry


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