Ollywood Release – “Dil Ka Raja” Odia Movie Of Jyoti & Pinki

Ollywood renowned Producer Rabindra Panda’s new cinema “Dil Ka Raja” is releasing today (10th Feb).

Rabindra has produced many movie before such as family No.1, Tu Mo Aarambha Tu Mo Sesha, Tu Mo Sapanara Naika, Lekhichi Na Tora etc.

His latest movie Dil Ka Raja is directed by Dilip Panda. Dilip has also worked with Rabindra in his previous project “Lekhichi Na Tora”.

Jyoti Ranjan and Pinki Priyadarshini are leading the story while Uttam Mohanty, Mihir Das, Papu Pam Pam are in supportive role. For the first time Jyoti and Pinki will share screen space. This is a romantic comedy movie and hopefully audience will enjoy the chemistry of this onscreen pair.

This is the third released movie of Ollywood actor Jyoti. He has already seen in movies like Dele Dhara Katha Sare opposite Bengali beauty Malobika and Nijhum Ratira Sathi opposite Tamanna.

Pinki’s this is 6th Ollywood movie. Previously she has seen as the lead actress in movies like Tu Mo Aarambha Tu Mo Sesha, Tu Mo Sapanara Naika, Lekhichi Na Tora and Aasilu Jebe Tu Jana Pheri etc.

Rajani Ranjan written the dialouge part while music direction by Baidyanath Das and story by Bijaylaxmi Panda.

Eight beautiful songs are there in this movie. Two situational track and 6 romantic songs are there. All songs are very melodious.

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