Pammy Mishra Is A Leading Ollywood Singer


Pammy Mishra is a leading Ollywood singer, who can be given the credit for bringing the trend of sambalpuri music in Ollywood industry. She has brought a revolution in the Indian music industry.

Singing Career:

The singing talent of Pammy was found by her Grand Father who is also a very good singer and her whole family is very supportive. Then she started learing music from guru Gyana Ranjan Mohapatra and performed on a numerous stage shows in her school and college time.

She never thought to make a career in music. But after her marriage she got offered for a music by Madhyam arts for the song Phul Bhitare Phul, and go ahead with the back support of her husband.

Phul Bhitare Phul her first album video became hit and accepted by the huge audience. Then her singing carrer started from 2002 and active till date. Another hit song Jai Phula Lo Jaiphula . She has sung songs for almost all the popular actresses of Ollywood, many album videos and in many movies.

Her some musical hit movies are Topae Sindura Di Topa Luha, Prem weds Priya, Chocolate, Aa Janhare Lekhiba Na, Sakhi Rahila A Singha Duara, O My Love and many more. Aunty Namaskar is her upcoming odia movie.

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