Parthasarathi Das’s Journey from a Theater Artist to Lyricist

Parthasarathi Das is an odia theater artist and lyricist. From the very early age he has started his theater career and he has appeared in many dramas.

Parthasarathi was born on 08 May, 1983 in a village named Bidyapada at Jajpur Dist. He is the son of Mr Akshay Kumar Das and Mrs Basanti Lata Das. By profession Partha is an engineer and working as the electrical engineer at Nesco, Jajpur.

Since childhood Parth was quite interested for acting. And he was participating in village dramas. In his college time he has started writing poetries and gradually popular as the lyricist for album songs. He is giving all credit to Bindurekha Mohapatra (one of his English lecture) for whatever he is today. With many popular Odia album songs, he established himself in the industry and made his own identity.

He has worked in more than 15 albums. Albums, especially Punya Kalas and Sai Charan have already added a touch of magic in the music world.

Now he is running with a tight schedule for his upcoming Sambalpuri music album and song is Haigo Nani.

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