Popular Dance Reality Show Dance India Dance (DID) Season 6 Audition Held In Odisha Capital

Popular dance reality show Dance India Dance (DID) season 6 audition held in Odisha capital on Sunday(10th September) at KIIT University’s Campus-14. Total 362 candidates from different districts of Odisha and around 143 participants outside the state has participated in the audition for selection in the mega dance competition.

80% of the contestant were registered their name through online and some are directly participated. Selecting the potential candidates in two rounds, the judges elevated them to the semifinals. The candidates were selected for semis out of 10 candidates in a group.

There are many talents from Odisha have already proved their skills in dance. So in search of dance talents from Odisha and across the country, Choreographers Geeta and Bidyadhar from Odisha and Ananya, Salman and Saroj from Mumbai were the judges to select the candidates in various rounds of the audition.

Auditions for the popular dance reality show will be held in 15 cities of the state between 8th September 2017 and 1st October, 2017 and the show will go on air in October end or November 1st week.

Also read more about Isha Ambani turns Producer.

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