Prem Anand – Music Composer Of Ollywood

The most reputed music composer Prem Anand is famous in Ollywood. In his every music there is a power that he has been ruling in every music lover’s heart. He has composed more than 1000 songs for odia movies, albums and also in Jatra world.

His compositions are playing with the voice of all leading singers of Odisha and outside Odisha has bagged praises. Prem Anand believes on own creativity which will made notch in the music industry. He is always searching for something new and unique for composing tunes which will touch listeners and able to prove his brilliance.

He has composed music for many odia movies like Tu Mo Dehara Chhai, Bachelor, Mita Basichi Mun Bhuta Sathire, Hata Dhari Chalutha, Parshuram, Chanda Na tame Tara, Something Something Katak, Chandini I Miss You, Aalo Mora Kandhei, Pagala Karichi Paunji Tora, Rasika Nagara, Bhaina Kan Kala Se,Gote Sua Gote Sari, Hela Mate Prema Jara, recent released movie Baby and many more.

This down-to-earth composer has also composed for Bollywood movie ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’, Marathi movie ‘Short Cut’ directed by Harish Rawat, has been proved as a musical hit.  Specially the song ‘Tuch tu tuch tu’(In English it means only you only You) is one of the popular numbers in Maharastra.

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