Press Release Of Upcoming Hindi Movie “Two Desires & A Dream”

Cast & Crew Of The Movie:

Banner : Bhatia Emperial Communication
Producer : Rajinder Singh Bhatia
✽  Director : Avinash Nanda
Starcast : Jitendra Kumar Biswal , Swapna Pati , Preeti Zingania , Bijendra Kala , Liza Mohanty , Biki Mishra , Kaushik Mohapatra & Othera..
Lyrics : Sambit Pattnaik
BGM : Sudip Jena
Singers : Rituraj Mohanty , Rahul Arora , Shasank Sekhar

The protagonist, who himself a severely disabled person, is the central character in the movie. The new upcoming Hindi movie “Two Desires & A Dream” is the first of its kind anywhere in the cine world. This is an honest attempt to unravel the innate, unseen, unknown feelings and emotional aspects of a person with a serious disability.

Social Message:

This is a trial of a social message reach the society through this movie. People with disability are not separate they are just like any other able-bodied or normal human beings. They also have feelings, emotions, Desires and also it’s time our society recognizes and respect this reality.

Story Line:

Why should someone choose a person with disability as his or her soul mate in life is all about the story of the movie. This movie is going to make a history after the all India release on 30th December 2016.


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