Ram Naam Satyahe Odia Movie Mahurat Held at Maa Tarini Temple, Gopalpur Cuttack

Ram Naam Satyahe Odia movie Mahurat was held at Maa Tarini Temple, Gopalpur Cuttack on 7th July 2017 with all the crew members.

Ollywood director Jitu Rout recently began work on his next film titled “Raam Naam Satyahe”, which is under the banner of Adishakti Entertainment.

The film is produced by Jitu Rout with associate producer Chakradhar Sahoo (Pinu) and co-producer Satyanarayan Nayak.

Story and screenplay is also by Jitu Rout and script writer is Hrudananda Sahoo.

Music is composed by Chandan Kumar and Manas Kumar & Promod are lyricist.

Sajan is debuting as the male protagonist in the movie opposite of Namita. Comedian Braja Singh will be seen in comic roles and Rock Patra will play the main Villian role.

Babu Pradhan, Durga, Alka, Diana, Amitav, Dinesh, Satya, Puspa and Biswa are in supportive roles.

Cast & Crew Of Raam Naam Satyahe:

Banner – Adishakti Entertainment

Movie – Raam Naam Satyahe

Producer, Director, Story, Screenplay – Jitu Rout

Associate Producer -Chakradhar Sahoo (Pinu)

Co-Producer – Satyanarayan Nayak

Script Writer – Hrudananda Sahoo

Lyricist -Manas Kumar & Promod

Music Director – Chandan Kumar

DOP – Bapi Sahoo

Star Cast – Sajan, Namita, Babu Pradhan, Braja Singh, Rock Patra, Durga, Alka, Diana, Amitav, Dinesh, Satya, Puspa and Biswa


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