Reflective Collar Belts For Stray Animals – Animal Welfare Trust

Road accidents are increasing day by day and stray animals, especially dogs and cattles are suffering at night. Animal Welfare Trust Ekamra has started an initiative of tagging stray animals with reflective collar belts. It means animals visible even in the dark so that road accidents can be drastically reduced.

“We started the drive on Sunday evening and tied the reflective collar around necks of nearly 50 stray dogs along the national highway-16 in Khandagiri area. Our purpose is to cover all stray dogs and cattle along the NH,” AWTE founder Purabi Patra said.

A reflective collar is simply a belt with a cotton base and a reflective tape over it. The property of this reflective tape is that it glows when light falls on it. So the driver will alert to the presence of a stray animals.

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