Sabyasachi Mishra Waiting To Share Screen With Legendary Actor Suman Talwar

After a huge success of Odia Movie “Chhati Tale Ding Dong” and “Bye Bye Dubai”, Odia actor Sabyasachi Mishra will be seen again in a new role in the upcoming bilingual movie “Sita Ramanka Bahaghara-Kali Jugareboth in Telugu & Odia. Sabyasachi Mishra already explore his acting skill in his every movies and eagerly waiting to share screen with the legendary Telugu actor Suman Talwar.

Sita Ramanka Bahaghara-Kali Jugare” movie is scheduled to be released in Telugu language with the title “Sita Ramula Kalyanam Chuthamu Raarandi”. The family is fully based on the marriage tale of Lord Rama and goddess Sita.

Popular Mumbai-based Tamil actress Maneesha Chaterjee will be seen in the opposite of Sabyasachi. Bijay Mohanty, Jeevan Panda, Anita Das and Comedian Papu Pom Pom will be in the movie with his comedy punch.

This movie is produced by E Sheshagiri & M. Pitchi Reddy and Directed by GNS Prasad. Dr Rajani Ranjan is the Dialogue Writer while Kishan Rabadi is the Music Director. Nirmal Nayak and Basant Raj Samal are the lyric writers for the Odia film.

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