On Screen Couple Varsha And Arindam To Reunite Once Again In An Odia Upcoming Flick

It is reunion time for Varsha Priyadarshini and Arindam Roy, one of the most popular on-screen couples of Ollywood industry, have already shown their chemistry magic in the Odia flick Ae Mana Manena and Parshuram and own the audience heart with their performances.

After a long gap the on-screen pair have been cast in RR. Events new Odia movie “Romeo Juliet” that will be launched in Rajo time. Romeo Juliet is directed by Sudhakar Vasant and produced by Mr.Ramesh Barik. This is the third movie of this pair.

Today (29th April 2017) the Subha mahurat of this movie Romeo Juliet held at Amreswar Temple, Cuttack.

The festival of Rajo will see three major releases to cash in the festive spirit.  Romeo Juliet (Arindam & Varsha), Abhay A Common Man (Anubhav & Elina), Sister Shreedevi (Babushan & Shivani) are three movies ready to cherish this festive occasion.

All super stars are ready to meet each other with this top competition. Need to wait who will be the winner of this tight competition.

Abhay A Common Man: The film Superstar Anubhav & Elina in lead . The film is directed by K.M Krishan, were released across social media platforms and have grabbed attention for the setting, which shows the hero in a battlefield.

Sister Shreedevi : Ollywood chocolate hero Babushan will act opposite of new comer Shivani in this movie. Sister Shreedevi is directed by Ashok Pati and music is by melody king Abhijit Majumdar.


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