Sitaram Agrawal Announced His Upcoming Movie “Laila O Laila” With Swaraj & Sunmeera

Sitaram Agrawal has announced his upcoming movie “Laila O Laila” with actor Swaraj and Sunmeera.

The Mahurat event of  “Laila O Laila” was organised at a Shiv Temple, CDA Cuttack. Director Sushant Mani, Pradyumna Lenka, Sitaram Agarwal, Swaraj, Sunmeera and other team members were presented at the event.

Sarthak Music’s 22nd venture this movie is a family drama, full of romance, comedy and with beautiful melodious songs. Again it is story of teen ages. For the first time, this duo coming together and this is the second movie of both.

Swaraj’s debut one is Taranga Cine Productions “Tu Mo Love Story” opposite Bhoomika Dash, which was marked as a superhit movie in the box office.

Sunmeera’s first movie Sapanara Pathe Pathe opposite of Amlan is ready to hit the silver screens and again she is working under the same banner.

Cast & Crew Of Laila O Laila:

Banner – Sarthak Music

Direction – Sushant Mani

Producer – Sitaram Agrawal

Music – Bidyanath Dash

Dailouge – Dr. Nirmal Nayak

 Starting – Swaraj , Sunmeera


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