Software Engineer Rajesh Gulati Allegedly Murdered His Wife & Kept In Freeze

Software engineer Rajesh Gulati allegedly murdered his wife Anupama Gulati, cut the body into 70 pieces and kept them in a deep freezer for nearly two months in Dehra Dun.

The Additional District and Sessions Judge court pronounced the quantum of punishment today where the Judge Vinod Kumar sentenced Rajesh Gulati to life imprisonment. The court also imposed a fine of Rs 15 lakhs on him.

Gulati, was held guilty by the court under Sections 302 and 201 of IPC yesterday, seven years after he committed the heinous crime.

The couple had married in 1999 and went to USA. In 2008 they  became parents of twins children. They are staying in Delhi after returning from USA and in 2010 they had one fight and the result was Anupama’s murder.

The incident came to light when brother of the 33-year-old victim Anupama Gulati lodged a police complaint after he did not get satisfactory reply from the engineer about his sister’s missing.

To make a process on the complaint, police arrested Anupama’s husband Rajesh (37), who hailed from Delhi, from his rented accommodation at Prakash Vihar area in Dehra Dun on Sunday.

As per the police report, During interrogation, he confessed to have murdered his wife on October 17.

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