Sunil Kumar Ollywood Actor Biography

Name – Sunil Kumar
Sex – Male
Occupation – Actor
Date of Birth – 15 August
Place of Birth – Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Film Career – 2000 – Present


A popular name in the odia film industry, Sunil Kumar not only proved himself in the Ollywood industry but also having acting skills in Bengali and Marathi films. Coming from a non-filmy background his decision to join in the glamour world was quite difficult initially. But he achieved continuous success after crossing all the hurdles.

Educational Life:

Sunil Kumar completed his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya. Adra in West Bengal and graduation from B.J.B. College, Bhubaneswar, Orissa.

Acting Journey:

The actor entered into the film industry as a lead actor through Raju Mishra’s directed film “Hari Bhai Harena” opposite of Anu Choudhury, which was his first step in the ollywood industry. The film was a big success and bought him identification and honour as an actor. Then he has done many films like  Jibana Mrityu, Rakate Lekhichi naa, Tumoku Parunita Bhuli, Agni Shikha, Sata Sure Bandhe ae Jivan, Mu Aashique Mu Aawara, Maya and Aparadhi (Bengali) and more.


2015 – Maaya

2013 – Mu Aashique Mu Aawara, Window Connection(Bengali)

2011 – A Mana Khoje Manatie
2010 – Swayamsiddha, Aparadhi (Bengali Film)
2009 – Sata Sure Bandha E Jibana
2007 – Tumaku Paruni Ta Bhuli
2006 – Agni Sikha, Rakate Lekhichi Naa
2005 – Jeevan Mrutyu
2000 – Hari Bhai Harena

Awards and achievements:

Rajiv Gandhi award 2004

Best Newcomer Award 2004


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