Two Train Pilots Were Honoured By East Coast Railway, For Averting A Possible Train Mishap

Two train pilots were honoured by East Coast Railway(ECoR) for averting a possible train mishap.

ECoR General Manager Umesh Singh felicitated loco pilot B Jagadeesh and assistant loco pilot KV Krishna of Chhattisgarh’s Bacheli station with cash awards in acknowledgement of their alertness, sincerity and prompt action to prevent the mishap.

While performing duties on July 30 in a goods train from Jagadalpur to Koraput, both the pilots observed some fish plates & coil spring kept on the track by miscreants at Khadapa Station Yard in Koraput District.

On reporting to Khadapa Station Station Manager, RPF/Jeypore and Senior Section Engineer/Permanent Way attended the spot and removed three fish plates and one coil spring from the Railway Track for train operations.

Due to the alertness, sincere, vigilant and prompt action of both the Loco-Pilots to avoid the possible mishap, General Manager, East Coast Railway Umesh Singh felicitated them with cash award.

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