Veteran Odia Actor Uttam Mohanty Got Lifetime Achievement Award

Veteran Odia actor Uttam Mohanty has been conferred with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at OFA Film Award – 2017 organised by Odisha Film Producer’s Association (OFA) at Utkal Mandap in Bhubaneswar on May 14.

Uttam Mohanty has been featured in more than 135 Odia films so far as the hero and different other characters. He ruled the heart of Odisha people and dominated the entertainment industry for decades for his powerful performance in the films including ‘Danda Balunga’, ‘Ram Balaram’, ‘Baje Bainshi Nache Ghungura’, ‘Chaka Bhaunri’, ‘Jaga Hatare Pagha’, ‘Mamata Mage Mula’, ‘Puja Phula’, ‘Aei Ama Sansara’, ‘Golamgiri’ and many more.

‘Love Station’ of Tarang Cine Productions received the best film award. Ashok Pati received the best director award for Love Station produced by Tarang Cine Productions. Similarly, Babusan received the best actor while best comedian award went to Papu Pom Pom for the same movie. The best character award (male) was given to veteran Mihir Das for ‘Love Pain Kuch Bhi Karega’ and Aparajita Mohanty got best character award (female) category for the movie ‘Tu Kahibu Na Mun’.

For the first time, the artists and technicians felicitated in 37 categories during the gala programme.

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