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Anubhav Mohanty & Arindam Roy – First Day Box Office Battle

There are two movies Kabula Barabula Searching Laila and  Shiva Not Out  are releasing today. Two very talented actors in it, Anubhav Mohanty & Arindam Roy. They both spent quite a long time in this industry. In this Durga Puja occasion they both are going to compete in the box office with their respective films.

Shiva Not Out, grand premiere at Samrat Talkies, Cuttack. This film starring Arindam Roy and Archita Sahu as the lead cast. This is a love story directed by Sudhanshu Sahoo. Prem Anand has composed music for the movie that has been produced under the banner of Ratna Films, Arindam’s home production. This is the fourth film of Arindam and Archita duo.

Kabula Barabula Searching Laila, grand premiere at Brindaban Talkies, Cuttack.  Elina Samantray will be seen opposite of Anubhav. This movie is directed by Ramesh Rout. Anubhav plays the role of a villager in the film and Elina’s role is quite modern. The movie features other popular actors such as Harihar Mohapatra, Pappu Pom Pom and Pradyumna Lenka.

Anubhav Mohanty & Arindam Roy - First Day Box Office Battle

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