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Anupam Nayak One Of The Renowned Choreographers In Odisha

Anupam Nayak

Anupam Nayak:

Anupam Nayak, a Bhubaneswar based Contemporary and Salsa dance expert who is a renowned dance choreographer has judged Jhoom Odisha Jhoom (Mother’s special) and Little Star Kids reality show in Odisha, is spreading Zumba Fitness worldwide.

He became popular as a dance mentor in Odisha after appearing on reality shows like ‘Dance Challenge’ (2012), ‘Little Star Kids’ (2013) and ‘Jhoom Odisha Jhoom- Ethara Nachibe Maa’ (2015) on Odia television has now brought laurels to the state by becoming the first Odia to achieve the status of an international Zumba trainer.

Anupam Nayak

Early Life & Career:

Anupam watch Bollywood songs on TV and hone dancing moves. Dance has always been his love ever since he was a child. His attraction towards dance gradually turned into an obsession and he decided to make it his career.

In 2005, he moved to Delhi to get trained as a professional dancer. For five years, he learnt dancing from institutes like Delhi Dancing, Yankee Rockers and Rass while simultaneously teaching other students there. Thereafter he returned to Bhubaneswar in 2010 and joined as a Salsa teacher in Infosys.

Anupam has recently received his International License and Certification from Zumba fitness (Zumba.com, ZIN) which is a large network of Zumba instructors from across the world. He started his career in New Delhi in 2009 then he came back to Odisha to spread his technical skills and to serve his own people in Odisha. But he was interested to learn more, so he flew to the USA to polish his skills.

Anupam decided to bring more sharpness to his style and techniques. So he went to learn the real moves from NewYork where he got his 1st International License to teach Zumba, and now he has accomplished 2 more levels in Zumba which are Zumba Gold and Zumba Kids from Boston and Sothington city of USA.

Zumba is a Latin inspired fitness programme which incorporates dance forms like salsa, samba, cumbia, merengue, reggaeton, mambo along with squats and lunges. It also includes hip thrusts, shoulder shimmies, high intensity footwork and flailing hand movements.

Anupam aims to go a step ahead by introducing Bollywood, Sambalpuri and Paika styles to this Western culture and he wants to bring his culture to this Western world very soon.

“I found it was possibly one of the best formats for combining dance and fitness together. It was unique and I wanted to popularise this dance form among more people. That’s how I chose to be a Zumba instructor. I am lucky not only to be a leading Indian Zumba instructor but also the first Odia to go to USA and earn an international license and certification from Zumba Fitness (Zumba.com)” said Anupam.

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