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Arijit Mukherjee Announced About His Upcoming Bengoli Short Film “NAA”


Bengali film producer and director Arijit Mukherjee has announced about upcoming bengali short film NAA  means no and under his banner Teamwork Production Presents. This movie will soon be released through the official YouTube Channel of arijit official.

The story revolves around gives a strong message to women how to stand strongle male-dominated society. The story of single mother Bidipta and her daughter Sanjana, that time has come to stand firmly against any heinous act done to them.

Bidipta started a catering company and step by step her business starts flourishing and after sometimes it becomes impossible for her to manage the business all by herself.

She appoints a boy named Anish. Anish is doing a good job for Bidipta and the latter is happy with him. He becomes almost a member of the family, but Bidipta is unaware of what is in store for her.

Watch NAA – Short Film – Official Teaser video here.

Sanjana’s taking advantage of physical impairment Anish starts taking the objectionable approach towards Sanjana in the form of touching her body which can only be termed as gender abuse.

Bidipta gets some hints from her maid about Anish’s bad intention and she has also noticed that nowadays Sanjana always seems to be depressed. Bidipta advises Sanjana to give fitting replies to those who try to play nasty with her and abused sexually.

Bidipta’s advice gives impetus to Sanjana and next day when Anish approaches her she slaps him on his face on the spot and Anish immediately comes out of her room. Next day Bidipta sees a changed Sanjana, full of life, vibrating and concentrating on her painting and studies.

Abuse of women is a curse in today’s India. All of us must stand firmly against all those rogues who consider women as instruments for enjoyment only.

We all Indian have to watch this short film and take lesson, how to make a safety, beautiful and heavenly Indian for women where they can breath peacefully.

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