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Arpita Kar Ollywood Actress

Name – Arpita kar

Nick Name – Micky

Date Of Birth – 19th June 1991

Height – 5 ‘ 4 ”

Arpita Kar
Arpita Kar


Arpita Kar or better known as Durga is an Odia television actress who started acting since her childhood. She became famous for appearing in most of the mega-serials broadcasted in the entire regional TV channels. She has basic interest in acting and anchoring. She mostly does heart-breaking and leading roles.

Television serial fanatics can watch her in variety roles. Her face is very famous for doing tele serials like Topae Sindura in Tarang, Appa in ETV oriya, Rajaneeti in Tarang, Shrusthi in Sarthak and Durga is her running megaserial telecasted in Taranga channel. She plays Durga and Mohini, both positive and negative roles in the tele serial Durga, which showing cleanness of her acting.

At a very young age of three the actress started acting as a child artist and when she was in 10th standard again acted in some movies and serials. She started her career in the serial and has never looked back since then. The performance of Arpita is always excellent.

List of Films and Television Soaps  ,  As a child artist-:

Serials :

  • Sri Jagannath
  • Malaya
  • Pratibha
  • Katha Kahuthile Saribani.
  • Swadhikar(hindi)
  • Bidesini Bodhu(Bengali).

Films :

  • Sashu Hata Kadi Bhauja Bedhi
  • Rakhi Bhiji Gala  Aakhi Luha Re
  • Kandhei Aakhire Luha
  • Ganga Jamuna
  • Samaya Khluchi Chaka Bhaunri
  • Sahara  Jaluchi

The Actress had already been a part of the above  listed films and Serials before Class 10th .

Hosting :

  • Sunayana
  • Life Stlye
  • Ollywood Chakar in Tarang
  • Sakhi in Lakshya.

Serial :

  • Suna Sapana in DD- Oriya
  • Gotiye Manara Kothiye Swapna in DD- Oriya
  • Matibaikuntha in MBC
  • Topae Sindura in Tarang
  • Appa in ETV Oriya
  • Rajneeti in Tarang.

Film :

  • Aakase Ki Ranga Lagila
  • To Aakhire Mun
  • Kiye Se Dakuchi Kouthi Mate
  • Hi Darling
  • Jagu Autowala

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