Ashwin Kumar Ray Mohapatra Is The Most Stylish Actor And A Former Model

Ashwin Kumar Ray Mohapatra Is The Most Stylish Actor And Model

Ashwin Kumar Ray Mohapatra is the most stylish actor and a former model, popular in Ollywood world. He has gained huge popularity for the negative role in Odia movie “God Father”.

Early Life:

Ashwin was born on 24 Feb 1987 and hails from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. After birth his family shifted to Bombay and there he has finished his schooling from Army Public School.

His father was an Army Officer. His mother is a house wife and having only one younger sister and she is self employed working as the senior executive in Indigo Airlines.

From his childhood he was a very filmy kind of guy and love to do mimicry of actors like dance, dialogues. Also he was a part of adventure reality shows like MTV Roadies, Chase The Monsoon, Pulsar Stuntmania.

Personal Details:

Name : Ashwin Kumar Ray Mohapatra

Date Of Birth : 24 Feb 1987

Place Of Birth : Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Nationality : Indian

Favourite Colour : Black

Favorite Food : Rajma Chawal, Alu ka Paratha

Attire : Jeans and t-shirts

Favourite Actor : Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh

Zodiac sign : Sagittarius

I Hate : Creepy People

Strength : Family

Occupation : Actor, Model

 Latest News:

Ashwin is all set to mark his acting skills with upcoming Odia films, Big Brother and Hai Hai Re Modi. He will play two different kind of roles in these movies. 

His most memorable roles in the God father movie with negative role and film got a huge hit. A lot of people have accepted him with that character. Recently he achieved much success and a huge popularity through a music album video Dheere Dheere and it already crossed 300k views in Youtube.


As per the latest reports, Ashwin is single no girl friend at all.. and he is happy for this.


Ashwin initially started out his acting career in 2008 with a lot of documentary films for film festivals like Goa, Kolkatta & Toronto. He has also done various ads as well as albums. 

Latest Interview Of Ashwin:

Q: How did u get into the glamour and film world??

Ans: –Since my childhood.I always dreamt to be an from the beginning I was used and started struggle for this industry..and after completing my education I started doing modeling for some time and some of the shows pursue a career in the glamor world.

Q: If not an actor what would you hv been choosen for a career??

Ans:other than acting i alwys felt vry passionate job in the my father was in army..if nt an actor I wud hv definitely joined the army

Q: Who has been the biggest support strength in your journey??

Ans: –there are many my there is one who hv alwys really supported me unconditionally..she is only my mother..who has alwys there for me in every situation..

Q: You hv been a part of Oriya film godfather…hws ur experience??

Ans:-firstly I rlly want to thnk my producer jugansu Sekhar panda..who did a lot of things for me..he gv me a chance to do a negative character in dis movie…and thnks to my director Ramesh rout..who has presented me as a toughest act on the screen..and I rlly enjoyed a lot during was rlly a nice experience..

Q: Who is your dream actor in bollywood??with whom you wud like to act and why???

Ans: –im one of the biggest fan of Akshay it’s my dream to work with him..since my childhood. He has had a great confidential and action star on I alwys wanted to be..I’m of his fan bt also because he is one of the finest .. versatile actor we have in this industry..

Q: To be a successful actor..what is the most essential quality??

Ans:-i thnk more than being a hunk should have three hours ..for me i hv focosed on learning every single day in mAh proffesion and till the end I ll continue to do so to improve my for me the key of success is learning and dedication to words work

Q: Why are you looking for the right person out side to love..why nt inside??

Ans:coz m stupid haha..I’m alwys driven by the external that we Dunn hv the time to look inwards

Q: Do u agree that the happiness in your life depends upon the quality of ur thoughts??

Ans: Yess it also depends on who is in your thoughts to enjoy the happiness..

Q: R u in a relationship??

Ans: –– I’m nt into a yess i do luv smbdy ..

Ashwin Kumar Ray Mohapatra Is The Most Stylish Actor And Model

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