Bahuda Yatra, The Grand Return Journey Of Three Chariots – LIVE from Puri

Bahuda Yatra of Lord Jagannath

Bahuda Yatra:

Bahuda Yatra is one of the main rituals in Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra. It is the return festival of chariots

The chariots of Lord Jagannath, Bhalabhadra, and Subhadra start their return journey to Puri Jagannath temple after main Rath Yatra. After spending a week inside the Gundicha temple, the deities commence their Bahuda Yatra on the 10th day.

During the return journey, the three chariots stop for awhile at the Mausima Temple, also known as Ardhasani Temple. This temple is dedicated to the aunt of Lord Jagannath. Here three deities are offered ‘Poda Pitha’, a special sweet made of rice, coconut, lentils and jaggery.

After taking Poda Pitha, three deities start their journey to the main temple. On reaching back the main temple, the deities, on their chariots, don the golden attire or the suna besa, with hands, arms and crown made of solid gold. They are also offered sweet drinks, adhara pana, on huge cylindrical earthen pots reaching up to their lips. They are taken down from the chariots in a ritual descent to enter the temple.

Then the chariots of Balabhadra and Subhadra move forward and are parked at Lion’s gate (Singha Dwara) of the temple where as the chariot of Jagannath again halts in front of the King’s palace.

In the meanwhile Goddess Lakshmi (wife of Lord Jagannath) steals a glimpse of the safe return of Jagannath’s chariot from the Chahani Mandapa (Pavilion for view). Her anger, jealousy and frustration is articulated by her companions, represented by a group of servitors from inside. And the deities return to their bejeweled throne, the ratna sinhasana.

 Watch Bahuda Yatra 2017 – LIVE from Puri

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