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Launch of Historical Film “Buxi Jagabandhu-The Forgotten Legend”
Anubhav Mohanty in and as Buxi Jagabandhu

The capital city saw the exclusive launch of the upcoming film “Buxi Jagabandhu- the Forgotten Legend” at Hotel Crown here on Monday,11th Jan ,2016.Produced by well-known NRI businessman Akshay Parija,this is the first ever periodic film attempted in Odisha till date.
The film boasts of Ollywood superstar Anubhav Mohanty in and as Buxi Jagabandhu.Known to be Ollywood’s box office smasher in genres like romantic comedy,drama and action,this film will be offbeat for Anubhav.

Parija,known to be trend setter in Ollywood with award winning films like Jianta Bhuta ,Thukul and Kehi Nuhen Kahara under his belt, is back again with a genre unexplored yet in the Industry.

Not divulging much on the plot of the movie,Akshay Parija said,”The researchm on the Paika Vidroh is still under process.This was the first resitstance against the British that brought victory and wasinstitutional in driving out the enemies in khurda so much so that they feared encroaching upon the territory.Buxi Jagabandhu played a pivotal role in Odisha’s rise against the britishers,yet there is hardly any mention of him in the national and world history.This film is a humble tribute to rediscover and unearth Odisha’s Odisha’s forgotten legends who laid their life in the service of their motherland.”

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“Aftar 12 year of successful film career,I will be reinventing myself in a completely different character and personality.I am very excited being instrumental in a reviving a 200 year glorious history of my mother state”,said Anubhav.

Odisha is not very much know as a warrior state other than rich art,culture and history.Trough this film, we will be able to showcase the glorious history of many warrior clans in Odisha,outside Odisha and infact all over the world, added Parija.

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