The Celebration – Doesn’t Need Wealth | Raksha Bandhan Special – HD Video

The Celebration is a meaningful Odia short film on the special holy occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Child artists Bhabdhi Tanaya Rath and Aditya Pradhan done a wonderful job in this video under the direction of Abinash Padhan.

Pranab Prasanna Rath and Tanmaya also shared screen space for this video. Sidharth Goutam and Abinash Padhan together joined hand for cinematography. Jaga JD has scored the background music.

Cast & Crew Of The Celebration:

► Movie – The Celebration – Doesn’t Need Wealth

► Casting – Bhabdhi Tanaya Rath , Aditya Pradhan, Pranab, Tanmaya

► Directed By – Abinash Padhan

► Music By – Jaga JD

► Edit – Sidharth Goutam

► Cinematography – Sidharth Goutam , Abinash Padhan

► Asst Director- Pranab Prasanna Rath

Also watch this wonderful video Bandhan.

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