To Control Pollution, OSPCB Has Ordered To Shutdown Vedanta group’s Power Plants

To control pollution, Odisha State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB) has ordered temporary  shutdown of Vedanta group’s coal-based captive power plants over ash pond breach at Katikela in Jharsuguda district where the company’s aluminium smelter as well as power generation facilities are located.

According to OSPCB, Vedanta Alumnium will have to close down three units of the captive power plant (CPP), each having a capacity of 135 mw. Similarly, two 600 mw each unit of the IPP will have to be shut down too. The remaining units of the 1215mw plant have been allowed to operate untill October 12, 2017 and remaining units of the 2400mw have been allowed to operate untill September 20, 2017.

“The OSPCB has asked the company for compliance of certain conditions with a concrete plan within 5 days. The company is complying with the order along with request for revoking the said closure orders,” company said in release.

After the August 28 ash pond breach, the Board had estimated that a massive 42,24,000 tonne of ash slurry had flown into Bheden river and nearby paddy fields causing huge damage to local environment.

To Control Pollution, OSPCB Has Ordered To Shutdown Vedanta group’s Power Plants

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