Daitari Panda – Maichia Gokhei Sahoo || Special Interview || Jatra Duniya ||

Daitari Panda - Maichia Gokhei Sahoo

Daitari Panda a popular theater artist is playing the role of a transgender Gokhei Sahoo for a story at Khandagiri mela.

Jatra or opera is a kind of popular theater performance in Odisha. The performance includes live play, music and dance. Theater performance in Odisha were based on stories of Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Later with time , the the plays introduced modern stories with latest technology. All the time Jatra/opera is as famous as Odia Films & has its own viewers base. Be it rural Odisha or in the cities,there is huge demand of Jatra.

Popular Jatra troups are performing at Khandagiri mela with many theme and story that reflects contemporary reality. Around 12 jatra troupes, will show their performances at a 12-long Khandagiri festival.

Through this video you can enjoy the experience of Daitari Panda, is a very popular and versatile actor in jatra industry. He is playing the role of a transgender Gokhei Sahoo for a story at Khandagiri mela.

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