Dont’ Worry – A New Comedy Show Coming Very Soon To Entertain You

Dont' Worry New Comedy WEB Series

We are delighted to announce that a new comedy show Dont’ Worry is coming to entertain audience. To make people laugh is really a very tough work.

Shooting of this show is already started and very soon it will cover enewsodia’s youtube page.

Bunty Samal, Deepak Tripathy, Payal Jena and Abhay like actors will show their skills. They have already acted in the popular comedy show Mr. Gulua.. Again their acting power will entertain you in this new show on a different way.

This show is aiming to make people laugh till your belly will pain. If you like having a laugh on your face and want to chill then this is the perfect show for you.

Dont Worry New Comedy WEB Series

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