Due To Heavy Traffic, BDA Planning To Construct 2 Parallel Roads On Jayadev Vihar-Nandankanan

BDA Planning To Construct 2 Parallel Roads

To reduce heavy traffic and frequent accidents in Chandrasekharpur area in Odisha capital, Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) is planning to construct two parallel roads on Jayadev Vihar and Nandankanan route in the city.

According to sources in BDA, two main parallel roads will be constructed on the busy route for which the BDA will prepare a DPR. The project will be approved from CIDF fund.

Five main roads including Pathargadia-Ringroad link, Pathargadia-Nandankanan road, Pathargadia-ORC (behind Mind Tree office), Utkal Healthcare-Rail Vihar road, Hatisuani-Ekamrakanan square will be connected to left side parallel road. The Public Works department will bear the expenses for the construction of parallel road on left side.

Similarly, right side parallel road from Sainik school road to Subhash enclave via Damana chhak, from Patia Big Baazar to Daya west canal road via Enjana, from Netaji Subhash Bose enclave to Enjana, Ring Road, from right side embankment of Daya West canal to Ring Road will be constructed on PPP mode.

BDA Planning To Construct 2 Parallel Roads

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