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Exclusive Interview: Ashwin Kumar Ray Mohapatra Talks About Relationships

Exclusive Interview: Ashwin Kumar Ray Mohapatra Talks About Relationships

Here we are Chit chat with actor Ashwin Kumar Ray Mohapatra…who is talking about relationships are not meant to be solutions to problems in our lives… on love ..break up and stardom…

1- Are you comfortable with your dark side, if there is one?

–Every one of us has a dark side…in some it’s better hidden than in others..being aware of that darkness is more important than being comfortable with it because it puts you in control.

2- What led you towards acting?

–Well I have always been an introvert..as an elder son of my parents, i was always been pampered..I was not so studious child..I convinced myself I don’t need to…also my thoughts tend run away from me..I realized quite early that by the time..I articulate my thoughts into words..i am an the another thought..and what comes out was not what I thought of exactly..so not talking was a better option..then during called I did lot of dramas performance..I found the audience reacting to what i was doing..I was communicating without saying anything.

3- What makes you happy?

— Excitements for me the opposite of happiness is not sadness but boredom. If you are exited about doing something then you are happy..I am not saying be obsessive about it or try to control things around it or try to shape the future..the process of creating something should be existing..even when I am exited thinking about it..I am happy..it means a lot to me that during the process of giving a shot I lose myself completely in the moment and become someone else..I may not consciously realize it than but on reflection you feel content..I want to free wheel to fly without a compass..not to prove a point to anyone else but for my own fulfillment..

Exclusive Interview: Ashwin Kumar Ray Mohapatra Talks About Relationships

4- How would someone get your special attention?

— Ammm simply I love those who have the impressive personality..and they can get my attention…

5- Would you date a fan?

— Off course..why not?? I ll love to date…hahaha

6- What’s your annoying habit?

Lots of..bt chewing nails…it’s most annoying habit..and sometimes I ask the stupidity questions like a small kid…

7- Do you get used to being a celebrity?

— Definitely…its always…

8- Confidence seems to be your lead accessory…

— You have to teach yourself to be confident..it’s something each and everyone of us can do just by identifying our strengths..

Ashwin Kumar Ray Mohapatra,

9- What were the downers that urged you to push the boundaries?

— The way I see it …when life gives you lemons..make grape juice..then sit back and let people wonder how you did it..to answer your question..the key driver for pushing boundaries was to give myself every opportunity to realize my dreams and aspirations…it was never about being down and looking for a way out..we all face failure at some point in our lives..it’s what you do at that moment that defines your future..

10- After a while money success….loses its value..what perks you up each morning?

— Just the love of what I do..the opportunities I have to pursue..the things that excite me..the freedom to explore all aspects of my creativity..

11- How do you handle two cultures, two industries? Does the dichotomy leave you with an identity crisis?

— By simply being me …that does not change no matter where I am..I don’t have an identity crisis because my identity remains the same..

12- What kind of woman would fit the bill?

— A woman who can handle all that I am..

13- For a man who calls the shots are there times when you want to just let someone take over and pamper you?

— Who says I want to call the shots all the time? I love to be pampered and taken care of..and I am (being pampered).

14- Would marriage be a spoiler at this stage of your life?

— Nothing is spoiler in life ..and they are not mutually exclusive..let’s just say that the option is always open ..i love what iam doing but I ll admit that the pace and time commitments of my job are not easy to handle…if I do decide to take plunge,it would be with someone who understands and supports that ..at the end of the day ,two people make a relationship work ..it will take an understanding and prioritisation from both..

15- Is there anything you find difficult to handle emotionally?

— I can’t handle if something happens to the people I love..I can handle pretty much any situation you throw at me but seeing anyone of them in any kind of pain ….undos me..

16- How do you deal with the bad experience,memories?

— It stays with you in some form or the other because in some ways it has changed you..but you find a way to work through it and move on…

Ashwin Kumar Ray Mohapatra.

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