February 16, 2019

Filmmaker Shailendra Mishra Directed Movie “Dele Dhara Katha Sare”, Ready To Release

Dele Dhara Katha Sare

Filmmaker Shailendra Mishra directed movieDele Dhara Katha Sare, ready to go on floors. The ship of this movie floating with many popular stars includes Jyoti, Malobika, Bobby Mishra, Maheswata, Ajit Das, Minaketan, and produced by  Pankaj Rout.

This movie will be a great collaboration of Jyoti, Malobika and Bobby Mishra. Bobby Mishra also playing a great role after a brief gap of 4 years. Bobby Mishra playing the anti-hero and Jyoti is hero, both are falling in love with Malobika in this movie. 

All are very excited and looking forward to the release of his movie. 

Dele Dhara Katha Sare

Enjoy To Bhitare Mun title song of Dele Dhara Katha Sare.

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