Gorakhpur Child Deaths, In Charge Dr Kafeel Khan Arrested

Gorakhpur Child Deaths, In Charge Dr Kafeel Khan Arrested

Dr. Kafeel Khan, arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) in connection with the death of 60 children at the state-run healthcare facility, allegedly due to shortage of oxygen.

Dr Kafeel Khan was in-charge of the encephalitis ward at the Baba Raghav Das hospital, where more than 60 children died in a span of five days, allegedly due to shortage of oxygen cylinders.

The doctor was hiding in his in-laws’ house in a rural part of Gorakhpur, Manoj Tiwari, special task force (STF)’s senior superintendent of police confirmed.

Khan was suspended along with former principal RK Mishra and five others.

The doctor was charged with medical negligence, alleged theft leading to a shortage of oxygen and also accused of doing private practice.

He was also a member of the supplies department that managed stock of equipment and so was held accountable for not informing Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath of the shortage of oxygen cylinders and of outstanding payments by the hospital.

On Friday, Gorakhpur Court issued non-bailable warrants against Dr Khan and six others. All the seven persons – Kafeel Khan, Manish Bhandari, Uday Pratap Sharma, Sanjay Kumar Tripathi, Satish, Sudhir Kumar Pandey and Gajanand Jaiswal – have been accused by the state government of many irregularities and lackadaisical attitude, which finally led to the death of children, allegedly due to paucity of oxygen, between August 7 and 11.

Gorakhpur Child Deaths, In Charge Dr Kafeel Khan Arrested

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